10 Minute Solution Target Toning for Beginners

The “10 Minute Solution Target Toning for Beginners” DVD is a customized exercise program that is the solution for anyone that wants a daily routine for physical fitness. Here are some details on what the program is, and how the pros and cons measure up to other workout videos on the market.

What is it?

Target Toning for Beginners is a program that was created by Anchor Bay. It placed many of the best DVD workouts, and added them to one DVD. The DVD allows the viewer to customize the workouts that they like, and use them quickly. This is the perfect solution for anyone that wants the daily workout in a fast ten minute DVD. You pop it in your player, and do your workout each day. It takes you only ten minutes to do this once you get the customized DVD set. That saves you time, and it keeps you in shape.

The Pros of How it Works?

The pros of this DVD are many. You watch the DVD and choose the workouts that you like. You can set 6 selections under the “programmable chapters” section of the DVD. All you have to do is go in and change these, as your workout needs change. The workouts are aerobic and toning in nature. This provides as the title implies, a 10 Minute Solution program for Beginners.

The Cons of What you need to Complete This Workout.

The cons of this DVD are that you will need some things to complete the workout. You need is a DVD player, a television or display, comfortable clothes, some dumb bells and the DVD. You set it up and try the workout through the first time. If you are familiar with the workouts that are in this DVD, then you don’t even need to do that. Just scan the chapters and program the selections that you like for your workout. You can have a longer workout through customizing this for your personal needs. The other con of the workout DVD is that it is just for beginners.

What’s on This DVD?

Here is a breakdown of the chapters. The first one is cardio workouts. This gets your heart rate up. It tells you to march in place, in a particular manner, for a certain period of time. Then, it goes into lunges and curls. This section allows you to tone your body in various places.

In the second part, it kicks the cardio up a notch. It instructs you to march in place with a kick. Then you go into more advanced toning again. This involves push-ups and toning of the body through the use of dumb bells.

In the third section, it takes the workout through the “step touch” part of the exercise. This gets the heart up to the optimum level of use. Then you can get the best use of the workout and really start getting the body in better shape. You then do more arm work in order to tone the arms.

In the forth part, you tone the buttocks. It also includes part of the aerobic requirements to keep the heart pumping. This is done to keep your heart at a rate that helps improve your heart’s health. It does this as it takes you through the toning and stretching exercises for the buttocks.

Finally, the last section completes with the power stretch sequence by offering middle bodywork. This tightens and tones that stubborn belly and chest area of the body. It continues to use dumb bells and aerobic use as it completes the workout sequence. This is the perfect way to end your workout. You have a complete regime that offers you the best aerobic and toning program that you could ask for in a workout DVD.

The benefit of the “10 Minute Solution Target Toning for Beginners” is obvious. It goes through every aspect of keeping in shape. It works out the heart at the same time, which allows the user to really get an incredible workout. The time frame that it requires is perfect for anyone today that needs to do their workout fast. The user can watch the clock and know that they are almost done. Sometimes, that really helps motivate those people that simply are too lazy to do a daily workout. All

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of that together creates an excellent solution for getting in shape.

Remember that it is best to always check with your doctor to make sure that you are able to complete a workout safely. Once you get the clearance, you can begin this program and get into shape. Remember to hydrate as you proceed through the “10 Minute Solution Target Toning for Beginners” DVD.