10 Best Elliptical Machines Our Top Elliptical Trainers

Welcome to FGR’s Best Elliptical machines page. We did hours uponhours of research to come up with the 10 best ellipticals based on price, durability,dependability and warranty offered by the company. The purchase of a elliptical machinecan be rather expensive and it is our goal to help you make an educated buying decisionso you can get the best bang for your buck.

Elliptical trainers have gained tremendous ground in the fitness industry in recentyears. The have become popular in not only health clubs but also for personal use inhomes. The problem comes when more and more companies start making these machines somejust dont have the quality you deserve from such a large purchase.

Elliptical machines offer a full body workout. They are like a mix between a treadmill anda rowing machine. Depending on the type of training and exercises you are looking for, aelliptical just may be the perfect machine for you.

After reading our thorough reviews you will be able to decide which are the bestelliptical machines for you. We take more then just major name brands in to considerationwhen deciding on the best elliptical. We leave no stone unturned and you can beconfident in our recommendations on elliptical trainers.

10 Best Elliptical Machines

Best Elliptical Machines Life Fitness X3Life Fitness X3

Number one on our best elliptical machines list is the Life Fitness X3. Obviously we are pretty highon this elliptical to name it number one but what makes it the best. The X3 is on the moreexpensive end of personal ellipticals but for its price it really delivers. This is thequietest elliptical we have ever used. The “whisper stride” technology really is an amazing feature. There is nothing quite like being able to work out a room away from your loved oneswhile they sleep without waking them.

Life fitness has got just about everything right with this machine. From the LED display whichprovides plenty of information and workout programs to the tray underneath the display to place your book on. This is really a can’t miss elliptical if you can afford the price. Please read our full life fitness X3 review here.

Best Elliptical Machines Sole e35Sole e35

Sole Elliptical trainers are some of the best ellipticals on the market. With that being saidit was unavoidable the one would show up on our top 10 list. The Sole E35 elliptical traineris our number two of the best elliptical machines. The E35 is a moderate priced ellipticalthat offers many great features. The narrow footprint of this machine is one of its amazing qualities. That along with the adjustable foot pads and excellent display make it a machineworth the investment.

Another great feature that sets the Sole E35 apart from the others is the wireless heart ratemonitor. This monitor allows you to keep track of your exercise performance and adjust accordingly. Read the full Sole e35 review here

Best Elliptical Machines Schwinn 420Schwinn 420

Want a light weight elliptical at a fantastic price? The schwinn 420 is just that. Coming inat number three of our best elliptical machines is the Schwinn model 420. This is a extremelylight weight elliptical weighing in at just over 150 pounds. Not only is this machine lightweight but it is easy to move with build in roller wheels. It may not have all of the bellsand whistles of some of the other more expensive machines at about half the price.

The 420 has 16 different resistance levels that make your workout completely customizable to the resistance level you seek. The display offers all the readouts would would need froma elliptical and the warranty is top of the line. Stop in here to read our full Schwinn 420 reviewAll of this for a really good price and it looks cool too, on a budget this is definately one of the best elliptical machines.

Best Elliptical Machines Diamondback 1260Diamondback 1260

Like a heavy weight boxer the Diamondback 1260 knocks out it’s competition. This ellipticalis not some small light weight elliptical. It is a bruiser that offers more features then you can shake a stick at. Equiped with an amazing 20 different resistance levels, the 1260 offersa complete workout to anyone of any fitness level. This Diamondback elliptical is made to fitits user comfortably. It is adjustable and has a very smooth motion to it.

The Diamondback 1260 has been getting rave reviews by many in the fitness industry. Often ranked as one of the best elliptical machines. It is asolidly built machine with the beauty of a runway model. While just over 2k may seem expensivefor a piece of home exercise equipment, this machine will last you a lifetime and the qualitywill eventually pay for itself. Read our full review of this Diamondback Elliptical here.


Best Elliptical Machines Horizon Fitness EX 59Horizon Fitness EX 59

Most fitness experts believe that you cant get a decent elliptical trainer for under $1,000 butnumber five of our 10 best elliptical machines proves them wrong. The Horizon EX 59 is afantastic buy and comes with a lot of the features the big boys offer. This machine is comfortableto users of almost any size. The whole machine is well made and has quality even in smalldetails that you will find in ellipticals that cost twice the price. One of the most importantaspects of any piece of fitness equipment is the warranty. Horizon Fitness really delivers here.

The EX 59 has received rave reviews from people in the industry and most importantly from thepeople who have purchased it. For the amount of money you spend on this machine it will lasta long time and be well worth it. Read our full Horizon Fitness EX 59 Review Here

Best Elliptical Machines Octane Q35Octane Q35 Elliptical

Versitilty is a very attractive feature when it comes to any form of exercise equipment. Thisalong with safety and overall elliptical design is why the Octane Q35 is one of our top 10best elliptical machines. This Octane elliptical is a well designed and well manufactured elliptical. All the moving parts are placed up front and under the cover, away from where the user actual performs the exercises. After inspecting the machine we found nothing but quality components. We could really tell how much pride the company takes in building this machine and quality always pays off in the long term.

The Octane Q35 is a very versatile machine in the types of exercises it can be used for. It is also versatile in its storage. This machine can easily be moved out of the way as it has built in rollers for ease of movement. There are many other great qualitys to this elliptical trainer find out what they are by reading our full review here.

Best Elliptical Machines Smooth Fitness 3.6Smooth Fitness CE 3.6

Coming from a company named Smooth you would expect a quiet machine that looks great and hasa awesome display. That is exactly what you get with the Smooth Fitness CE 3.6 elliptical trainer. This machine feels amazingly stable while using it. This elliptical is a rear drivemodel which makes it longer then some models but extremely comfortable. The 3.6 is a very quiet elliptical. The drive on this machine makes very little noise even when used at a high rate of speed.

The display on this elliptical is extremely good looking and well lit with it’s multiple LED units. The body of the machine is sleek and looks good without a lot of frills. This Smooth treadmill has so many more positives then negatives you should really read our full Smooth elliptical review.

Best Elliptical Machines Proform 10.0 EZProform 10.0 ZE

Proform elliptical trainers have been know for their quality over the years. The main differencebetween the Proform 10.0 and some of the other models listed above is that this one is actually considered a budget machine. You can find this elliptical under $1,000 from many different outlets but a great price isn’t all this machine has to offer.

Proform has made a terrific looking and functioning machine with this model. This elliptical is very versitile and easy to use. The quality is fantastic for this price range and should last the buyer for many years. Read more about the Proform 10.0 ZE Elliptical here. This model very much deserves its spot on our best elliptical machines list.

Best Elliptical Machines Sole e55Sole e55In the best elliptical machines one of the most important things to look at with a company anda particular model is, does the company stand behind it’s product. Sole does exactly that, theystand behind the Sole e55, offering a 30 day money back guarantee. The odds are though, you will not need or want your money back from Sole. This is a very quality machine even if the good people at Sole haven’t been making fitness equipment all that long. They have come on to the scene with quality parts and quality engineering.

The Sole e55 is very comfortable to use and can be adjusted to fit users of many different heights. The weight limit on this elliptical is more than adequate and the frame is very sturdy. The only reason this machine didn’t rank higher is the display and presets. Read our full Sole e55 review here.

Precor EFX 5.37

Best Elliptical Machines Precor EFX 5.37Precor ellipticals have been known over the years for building quality elliptical trainers. There is absolutely no question to the quality and design of the machines. They have always been top notch. The Precor EFX 5.37 is no different. This machine is made of sturdy material, the internal components are great and the design of this elliptical is terrific.

There are a few downsides to this elliptical, mainly in the weight of the machine and the cost. That is the only reason this trainer wraps up our 10 best elliptical machines. Have a look at our full review of the Precor EFX 5.37 here.