Best Game Console For Exercise Motion Games

Best Game Console For Exercise Gaming

A recent trend that has become more and more popular all around the world is exercise gaming or motion games. The first product to hit the market was the Nintendo Wii.The world was instantly hooked. More recently the XBOX 360 with its Kinect and the Playstation move have joined the fun. We are going to break down each console to helpyou decide which is the Best Game Console for Motion Gaming for you.

I am in my mid 30’s and even at my age I remember sitting at home at night for hours on end playing video games. In my day the Atari was the best video game console out there and for years after, as games improved, children spent more and more time sitting infront of the games. We can argue the mental stimulation of these games allday but the fact is, children were becoming obese from the time spent “playing”. They were no longer going outside and getting the physical exercise needed.

As a result, obesity in children in the United States became a epidimic. The fact is our children are fat. This is because of the changes in the way they eat and thegames they play. Exercise gaming or motion gaming could help to actually improve our childrens health. Imagine that, the thing that started all this, video games, could be a solution to get our children back in shape.

Ok enough rambling, If you are trying to decide which is the best game console for motion gaming, read below.


Best Game Console Nintendo WiiThe Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii was the first of the motion video game consoles to enter the market. This game system completely revolutionalized the way people played video games. When the Wii hit the market in 2006 people could not get enough of it. This was totally different. People were now playing video games as a family and enjoying it tremendously.

The Wii is a small game console that includes a small motion sensor that you put on top of or below your T.V. The user uses a hand held joystick that interacts with the motion sensor to tell the gaming system what your motion is doing. At the time of release the game system was flawless and people didn’t mind that the Wii didn’t have the best graphics on the market.

For year and years in video gaming it was all about who had the best graphics. The Nintendo Wii came out with little characters that barely even looked like people and hardly anyone minded. The fact is, all that matters is are the games fun? The Wii games are very fun and they get people to interact once again. This is very important in deciding the best game console.

The Wii was released and came with the game Wii Sports. This game allowed you to play tennis, bowling, boxing and other sports games that made you get up out of your chair. There are a tremendous amount of exercise video games for Wii, one of the first to be introduced was Wii Fitwhich came with a balance board. This game was as close to a actual exercise video as any game has ever come.

The play of the Nintendo Wii is flawless and there are a ton of games available for this system. The only draw back to the Wii is that for some games you will need extra tools like a balance board and the joystick has some limitation on motion games. With all the games available and the reliability of the system, this is still one of the best game consoles you can buy.

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Best Game Console XBOX KinectXBOX 360 with Kinect

XBOX has been a staple in the gaming industry since the release of the original XBOX and more recently with the 360 model. In November of 2010 XBOX released their answer to the Wii, the XBOX Kinect. While the Kinect is based on the same principles of motion gaming, it takes a totally different route getting there. The XBOX Kinect has done away with the controllers or joysticks. The system actually senses your body movement and also works on voice command. These features are not only really cool but they funtion well.

One great feature of the Kinect is that, if you already have an existing XBOX 360, you will just need to buy the Kinect to go with it. No need to buy a whole new video game system. Last year I bought my son a Kinect bundle

for christmas. I really didn’t think we would get much use of the Kinect since we already had a Wii. Boy was I ever wrong. We got Kinect sportsand played this game for hours on end. We were working up a sweat and having fun at the same time.

The XBOX has long been a best game console but the Kinect just makes it better. There is a motion sensor that picks up your movement. This sensor is larger then that of the Wii but it actually adjusts itself to find you. Also it has a built in microphone that allows you to talk with people online. This is one feature that stands out above the Wii. The ability for online play. Most of the motion games you buy for the Kinect, you can actually play against a online opponent. There is nothing like getting your butt kicked in a sports game by a 10 year old in Spain, don’t ask how I know.

The only draw back to the XBOX 360 Kinect is that it takes quite a bit of room to allow full function of the system. Sometimes if you dont allow enough room the sensor will not be able to pick up your movements.

In 2010 there were not a lot of games to chose from for the Kinect. Now, there are so many games it may be hard to decide which one. Read ourexercise video game reviews to help you decide. The Kinect does not have as many games as the Wii yet but they are right there behind them. Give it another year or two and I expect there will be more games for the 360 then the Wii.

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Best Game Console Playstation MovePlaystation Move

The Playstation has long been regarded as a best game console. From the days of the regular playstation to the playstation 2, and now the playstation 3. Playstations answer to the Wii and motion gaming is the Playstation Move. This was actually the second motion video game console to hit the market. Coming in September of 2010 only months before the Kinect.

The Playstation Move will conect to your exesting Playstation 3 or you can buy a bundle package if you dont already have one. This makes it convenient as and add-on. The Move uses they same type of setup as the Wii with a wand or controller and a motion sensing eye. The move’s controller is a little different looking with a little ball on the end that changes colors. It looks almost like a light sabre.

The graphics on the Playstation 3 are fantastic, right on par with that of the XBOX 360. The motion of the Move system is good, maybe even better than that of the Nintendo Wii. There is only one draw back that stops this from being the best game console.

The amount of games available.

Right now there just isn’t enough games available for the Playstation Move. There just aren’t enough options when compared to the Wii or the XBOX Kinect. Don’t get me wrong, the games that are out there are excellent like EA Sports Active 2 but there just aren’t enough of these titles.

With the expect release of many games in the future, the Move is a good buy if you can wait for the titles to come to market. If not, buy one of the other two gaming systems.

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Which Is The Best Buy
Best Game Console

This is a really tough decision. The Wii is fantastic and has a lot of games but the Kinect is that also and does away with the controller. For my money I would have to say that the Xbox 360 with Kinect is the best game console for motion gaming!

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