10 Best Exercise Videos For Advanced Fitness Users

Advanced exercisers have unique needs and demands for their workout DVDs; many advanced users can do just about any workout on the market but there is no guarantee that they will see good results from their efforts. Users at advanced levels of fitness face plateaus, boredom and fewer and fewer results from their workouts.

For beginners almost any workout that they can physically perform will provide good results but for those at advanced levels a special type of workout is needed. The following list contains the best workouts for advanced users on the market today; they are favorites due to the variety, impact and value they have to offer.

Advanced exercisers usually have the problem of hitting a plateau and plateaus are a real problem in the long haul. The human body is made for adaption and has evolved to hold on to fat; in human history those who had slower metabolisms tended to live longer and better than those with fast metabolisms.

Those who lived had the offspring we descended from so we have a rich history of storing fat. Those who exercise a lot by doing the same routine day in and day out may begin to notice their body working against them because their body has grown used to their exercising style. Doing more of the same is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline; it only gets worse. The solution is to change things up by adding an exercise routine that’s vastly different from the one the body has adapted to. Enjoy our 10 Best Exercise Videos.

#1) Best Exercise Videos = STS

STS is a hardcore three month strength training system designed to leave the muscles in a state of complete confusion while providing variety and stimulation for the mind. Instructor Cathe Friedrich is supportive and encouraging without being fluffy or sappy and this workout has equal appeal for both men and women alike. This is one of the most customizable workouts on the market with the heaviness of the weights used being calculated on an individual basis by the user. Users are given detailed instructions on how to calculate their ‘one rep max'; additionally, online tools are provided for those who would rather have a computer do the work.

Some serious tools are required for this system though they’re standard fair for strength training; a bench, barbells, a dumbbell, ankle weights, bands and a mat are all required. The results of this outstanding system are superb. There is no wasted movement and the goal is to make every second of the user’s time count. The online tools are absolutely free and users can look forward to doing a new workout every single day of this 3 month program. For those looking for an end to plateaus this could be the last system they ever buy. STS focuses on strength training; for those looking to add cardio to the mix STS plays well with Cathe Friedrich’s other system, STS Shock Cardio. Both are completely stand alone and do not need each other though they are good together.

#2) Best Exercise Videos = Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

This workout really kicks up the intensity while still remaining doable for intermediate to advanced exercisers. This DVD is only 20 minutes long yet manages to rip up even experienced fitness enthusiasts until they are shaking, the impact lasting even hours later. It has multiple intensity levels; be sure to pick the one that’s right for you. This workout is great for advanced users who are dealing with plateau issues; it can be done on almost any day due to the shortness of length. Jillian Michaels is tough and encouraging at the same time which is a difficult balance to strike. The best and hardest 20 minutes of anyone’s day but certainly worth it.

#3) Best Exercise Videos = P90X

P90X is a complete 3 month home fitness system with upper intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts in mind. The collection of 12 DVD workouts is designed to work together as a system. It was developed using muscle confusion techniques to keep the workouts a step ahead of the ever adapting body. There is such variety within this program that if P90X is followed as directed the dreaded plateau phase is a thing of the past. Instructor Tony Horton is a good leader and easy to follow. This set has plenty of growing room which means that it will provide continuous value without boredom or mental fatigue.

#4) Best Exercise Videos = Insanity

Advanced users deal with a lot of boredom and this is a real catch because they have a physique that they want to maintain yet the workouts are no longer mentally stimulating. For those users Insanity may be the answer. The energy of this workout is truly insane and it is only recommended for the advanced user. High energy, explosive workouts are delivered at a lightning fast pace that rips muscles and leaves even very fit individuals panting for air and running for water. Insanity is cardio on steroids; a powerful blend of plyometrics and cardio with periods of resistance, strength and core training. No equipment is needed for this workout; the user’s body is the only tool needed. Insanity offers 10 powerful workouts and can blast through a stubborn plateau. For users feeling boredom and stagnation rising, Insanity will wake them up right down to their toes.

#5) Best Exercise Videos = Personal Training With Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training

Timesaver workouts have a big potential for failure; focusing on taking up less time can lead to an inferior workout if not properly executed. This workout delivers a lot of value in just 30 minutes a day. This DVD achieves good results by working multiple muscle groups at once with circuit exercises in order to give the user a great workout in a short period of time. This DVD routine is both cardio and strength training at the same time, providing an integrated solution for firming, toning and fat loss. This is an excellent addition to an advanced user’s arsenal.

#6) Best Exercise Videos = Turbo Fire

Those looking for a powerfully hot cardio workout system should take a look at Turbo Fire. This is a fast paced workout designed to bring the fun back to cardio with 10 different workouts. The music is high energy and the pace is fast; only advanced users should consider this system. High intensity interval training is combined with stretching to keep the body lean and flexible while at the same time providing awesome calorie burning; up to 9x more than traditional cardio workouts. HiiT training is excellent for the heart and provides a superior after-burn; those who do HiiT training continue to burn calories long after the workout is over to the point of still burning calories come bedtime. HiiT is hard but worth it. A killer workout.

#7) Best Exercise Videos = Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Jillian Michaels is known for having tough workouts and this DVD is no exception to the rule. This 45 minute circuit training exercise is tough stuff combining ab work with heavy duty cardio for a synergistic workout that burns fat and works muscles at the same time. This workout consists of 7 circuit intervals. No equipment is needed to perform this workout. It’s plyometrics, kickboxing, core work – anything that kicks it up to the next level. This DVD is not suited to any users other than advanced fitness enthusiasts. By adding this one DVD to the exercise library it is possible to put an end to a plateau in a big way.

#8) Best Exercise Videos = STS Shock Cardio Series

Plateaus are a drag and a good way to stave them off is by doing a variety of different workout styles; STS Shock Cardio provides 11 different workouts to keep the body guessing. Designed with efficiency in mind each workout is under 55 minutes and several run around 30 minutes. Fitting cardio into a busy schedule is important and STS Shock Cardio delivers fun and powerful workouts that focus on getting the most out of every movement. Cathe Friedrich’s signature style is to have zero wasted time or movement; every move in each workout is proven to provide excellent results. STS Shock is divided into 4 categories: HiiT, Circuit, MMA and Step. By constantly shocking the system users will see great success and results for less effort than traditional workouts. This system is not designed for short term benefits; it was created for long term results over the long haul. When used as directed this system will prevent users from ever seeing their weight loss plateau. A step is needed in order to do the step workouts. This cardio program goes very well with the original STS.

#9) Best Exercise Videos = Bob Harper: Pure Burn Super Strength

For advanced users looking to give their metabolism a boost this workout will take it to the next level. Bob Harper fans familiar with his style may be surprised by just how intense this workout is. The workout was created to get a metabolism moving again but that will only happen if the users put in the effort. Weights are required for this DVD and the difficulty can be amped up by using heavier weights. For advanced users turned off by Bob Harper’s association with the Biggest Loser, rest assured that this is a real workout that delivers. Be prepared to move quickly in order to keep up with this workout’s ultra fast pace.

#10) Best Exercise Videos = Zumba

After faithfully working out for a set period of time many users start dealing with boredom and begin dreading the workout sessions they used to look forward to. For these users a plateau may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back; failing to see good results from an activity they no longer enjoy is depressing even for the most disciplined individual. The answer that’s often given to these people is to do a physical activity they enjoy such as tennis, swimming or some other sport. While this is solid advice not everyone has a recreational activity they enjoy doing. The sports are also not as convenient as a workout routine that can be done on your time in the comfort of your own home. For those dealing with this situation Zumba is the answer. Even those who have no background in dance can enjoy Zumba and those with two left feet can gain greater coordination in privacy. Underneath all the fun and music is a difficult workout that can adjust to an advanced fitness level easily; this workout really makes users work up a sweat. The time flies by because this workout is fun! The enjoyment that Zumba brings allows users to workout longer without realizing it and hidden in those beats and rhythms are intervals; the intervals increase the fat burning aspect of this workout exponentially. If the workout gets too easy or if an advanced user would like a challenge, increase the weights used. This fun fitness system not only does away with mental fatigue and boredom but also blasts through stubborn plateaus as well. An excellent investment.

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