The 10 Best Treadmills for Home Use

Fitness fads come and go but the best treadmills remain the same; the form and function of this type of machine is timeless. Individuals looking for a simple and proven method for staying in shape often turn to a treadmill to provide a consistent workout experience they can count on day in and day out, rain or shine. Treadmills have a number of advantages over traditional outdoor running or walking. Running or walking on a treadmill is lower impact than on concrete or asphalt which lessens the likelihood of long term damage to the joints. The best treadmills support high energy aerobic running which is great for the cardiovascular system and treadmills are wonderful in terms of accessibility; users can go for a run in the middle of the night or at the peak of a 100 degree day in the comfort of their own home. The best treadmills also brings consistency to an otherwise inconsistent style of workout; when running or walking outside it’s easy to change pace without really realizing it. The treadmill automatically keeps pace for the user resulting in a smooth workout. Another nice perk is the information most treadmills provide about the running or walking the user has done; most treadmills can accurately estimate the amount of calories burned. While it is possible to use equipment while running or walking outside it’s not usually as accurate or it is overly uncomfortable to wear. Not all treadmills are created equal; while the underlying design of all treadmills follow the same basic principle some are just better than others. A treadmill is a big purchase and not one to be taken lightly. The following list features the best treadmills available on the market today. Everyone has their own unique needs and finding a treadmill that fills them is essential for making a good investment. Feel free to click on the link to the 10 best treadmills and it will take you to the full review page.


Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill
List Price: 1,999.99
Incline: 12%
Speed: 0.5 to 11 MPH
Maximum User Weight: 300lbs
Warranty: 15 years frame, 10 years motor, 2 years parts, 1 year labor and electronics
Best for: Running and jogging

This full featured, powerful treadmill has 15 presets, measures BMI and heart rate and has a built-in three speed fan. This treadmill switches quickly from one setting to another which is something that not all treadmills can do. This treadmill has a sleek and sporty design that is nice and modern; the LCD computer display is easy to read and use. The Bowflex Series 7 treadmill strikes a good balance between having a cushioned running deck while maintaining a firm takeoff; often the trade off for having a cushioned running deck is having a mushy takeoff akin to running on a mattress. This is tolerable but unnatural so it’s nice to have an option that doesn’t have this drawback. The treadmill is extremely heavy but the assembly is quick and straightforward. There are quieter units on the market but this is not an issue for everyone. It folds up easily saving some space. The heart rate sensor built into the handles work surprisingly well if held long enough which is a very convenient feature. The built-in fan is a nice feature but doesn’t provide that much airflow. Other than a few small cons this treadmill is a good purchase and rivals other treadmills found in health clubs. That is why the series 7 is our best of best treadmills.


Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill
List Price: 799.99
Speed: 0 to 6 MPH
Incline: Yes
Maximum User Weight: 250lbs
Warranty: 10 years frame, 5 years motor, 1 year parts and labor
Best for: Walking

This treadmill is a very sweet machine with lots of different features that make it attractive. Honestly, one of the biggest selling points is the assembly; there is none! It comes out of the box completely put together and ready to use. This unit is a favorite for users with a smaller space such as an apartment because it folds down to only 10 inches high. At that height it is possible to slide it away when not using it which is rare for a good treadmill. The SG Compact has a sleek and clean futuristic design that looks good enough to keep unfolded. While it is exceptionally compact for a treadmill it’s not exactly portable and it is heavy to move from room to room. This treadmill features a thumb heart rate monitor and speakers for an mp3 or CD player input; the built-in reading stand allows users to enjoy a book as they walk. This is hands down the ultimate choice for those needing a compact, durable treadmill for a small space. Make sure to read the full review for the best treadmills.


Schwinn 840 Treadmill
List Price: 1,599.99
Speed: 0 to 10 MPH
Incline: 10%
Maximum User Weight: 300lbs
Warranty: 10 year motor, 5 year frame, 1 year electronic, 6 months parts, 3 months labor
Best treadmills for: Walking, jogging and running

When people think of Schwinn they usually think of fine bicycles but there is more that this company has to offer, they also offer some of the best treadmills on the market. Schwinn’s 840 Treadmill has a cushioned running deck and has 16 different workout presets, two of which are user defined; not all treadmills provide such ample options for users to work with. This treadmill is excellent for runners with the frame remaining stable and solid during intensive runs. Despite the large size this treadmill folds easily which is quite impressive. While not portable by any stretch it is possible for one person to move this treadmill from room to room and assembly can be completed by one user alone. The assembly is faster than average as well. The Schwinn 840 runs nice and quiet which is wonderful for users concerned about noise.


Sole F80 Treadmill
List Price: 1,999.99
Speed: 0.5 to 15 MPH
Incline: 15%
Maximum User Weight: 350lbs
Warranty: Lifetime deck, motor and frame. 5 years belt, rollers, electronics. 2 years labor.
Best for: Running, jogging or walking

Sometimes you get what you pay for and other times you get even more. This treadmill has a higher price tag but it’s more than justified for the value it delivers, this is why its on our best treadmills list. The motor on this unit is powerful enough to provide fast paced workouts that will please runners and with the Cushion Flex Whisper Desk the joints are well taken care of even during hardcore running; the deck on this machine has 40% less impact on joints than asphalt. Assembly of this unit will take no less than two people and it is extremely heavy, weighing in at 250lbs. This treadmill has built-in speakers but users reported that they left something to be desired in audio quality. The bottom line with this treadmill is that it’s best suited to a serious runner looking for a home unit that can rival the running treadmills at the gym. The Sole F80 is a worthy competitor that puts up with vigorous running by even tall and heavy users without moving; this unit is rock solid.


Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill
List Price: 799.99
Incline: 0 to 10%
Speed: 0 to 10 MPH
Maximum User Weight: 300lbs
Warranty: Lifetime on frame and motor; 1 year parts and labor
Best for: Jogging and walking

This treadmill is a customer favorite due to the good features and excellent price. This treadmill is solid and well made. Assembly is fairly straightforward and can be done by one person though two people is preferable. This treadmill features a built-in fan and built-in mp3 player speakers for listening to music or audiobooks while on the move. This treadmill is quiet which is great for early morning exercisers who would prefer not to wake others in their household. This treadmill does fold but that doesn’t save much space. The treadmill looks a bit dated but overall the machine is a solid investment that will please most users for the long haul. The great price is the reason for inclusion on our best treadmills list.


Phoenix Denise Austin 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill
List Price: 199.99
Speed: Manual Self Powered
Maximum User Weight: 250lbs
Best for: Walking and light jogging

Not all treadmills have to be motorized; if all a user is looking for is a simple machine to do some basic walking on this small manual unit may fit the bill nicely. The lightweight frame is both a pro and a con for this treadmill; it is easy to move around and store but lacks the rock solid stability of a heavy treadmill. The treadmill folds up though not as easily as some of the motorized models. Manual treadmills are more durable in theory due to having no electronic parts to malfunction and break. This treadmill is popular among those who have a smaller budget and users who like to go back to basics. This manual treadmill for the price and convenience holds its own on our best treadmills list.


LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Fold-N-Stor Compact Treadmill

List Price: 699.99
Speed: 0.5 to 8 MPH
Incline: 10%
Maximum User Weight: 250lbs
Warranty: Lifetime frame, 5 years motor, 1 year labor and parts
Best for: Walking or light jogging

One factor that can prevent individuals from buying a treadmill is the sheer amount of space they take up; many people resign themselves to the fact that the treadmill will be the focal point in their spare room or den but what about people who live in a small apartment or condo? Fortunately these best treadmills from LifeSpan Fitness folds down easily and is so compact it can be stored under a bed or futon; it could also be tucked behind a door or in a closet. This unit meets the needs of the average walker; runners will need to look elsewhere. The console on this treadmill is very responsive and easy to use; individuals can quickly change settings on the fly. This treadmill has built-in speakers for an mp3 player. This is a user favorite when space and price are a concern.


Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill
List Price: 499.99
Speed: 0 to 10 MPH
Incline: 10%
Maximum User Weight: 250lbs
Warranty: Lifetime frame, 2 year motor, 3 month parts and labor
Best treadmills for: Walking, jogging and some running

There may be slightly better treadmills on the market but for the price this unit takes the cake; it can actually handle running like a champ. The one minor gripe about this unit is the safety strap; it is slightly too short and sometimes the safety can be tripped on accident resulting in the unit stopping. When the unit is restarted everything goes back to the defaults which is a bit of a drag but not a deal breaker. The quality of the treadmill for the price simply can’t be beat.


Smooth Fitness 7.35 Folding Treadmill
List Price: 2,499.99
Speed: 0 to 11 MPH
Incline: 15 Incline Levels
Maximum User Weight: 350lbs
Warranty: Lifetime frame and motor, 7 year electronics and parts
Best treadmills for: Running

For those whose height gives them a longer stride it can be difficult to find a treadmill that doesn’t make the user feel cramped but that problem is addressed by the excellent, extra long running deck on this unit. The warranty on this treadmill is superb and that makes it a favorite for consumers looking to make a good investment; a lifetime warranty on the motor and 7 years on the electrical components is good insurance. This treadmill is most highly recommended for serious runners looking for a unit that can put up with the punishment of daily running sessions; the Smooth Fitness treadmills have a track record for fantastic durability for the long haul. There are 20 different workout programs to choose from and the unit has built-in speakers for use with a USB stick or mp3 player. The aluminum frame makes the unit strong without being any heavier than necessary. This unit is quite large even when folded and needs a good amount of space but for dedicated runners looking for their ultimate running partner this treadmill delivers.


Nautilus T514 Treadmill
List Price: 1,849.00
Speed: 0 to 12 MPH
Incline: 12%
Maximum User Weight: 350lbs
Warranty: 10 year frame and motor, 2 year parts, 1 year electronic, 6 months labor
Best treadmills for: Walkers, runners and joggers looking to bring a club machine home

This is in essentially a club machine that is being sold to normal consumers; with that said this unit will not appeal to everyone but for the right individual it will deliver a lot of value. This treadmill is a strange combination of barebones and specialty features; it does not have a built-in mp3 dock but it does have 19 gym style workout presets, two of which are for 5k and 10k training specifically. The unit switches quickly from one workout mode to another which is a good thing for users looking to get the most out of their workout time. The deck is cushioned to protect the joints and this treadmill does not move a bit even when users upwards of the maximum weight recommendation run on the unit. This unit is stylish and looks sleek and modern. The polar heart rate monitor is a health club quality offering that makes this treadmill stand apart from the rest. For users looking for a combination of no frills quality and gym type presets this treadmill is the best bet.