10 Best Workout Videos For Beginners

10 best workout videos. The exercise video market is a huge industry and lets just say not always the most honest. These days everyone is out to make a buck and the fitness industry is no different.

There are many great exercise dvd programs on the market but there are also some dud’s. Beginners who are just starting to get into fitness can be overwhelmed with the mass amounts of fitness programs on the market.

At FGR our goal is to sift through this for you and show you what the best exercise videos are and which to avoid. Below is our top 10 list to help you decide where to go. Please feel free to click on the program title to go to our full review of the best workout videos for beginners.

The 10 Best Workout Videos for Beginners

Power 90

Beginners often have a strong desire to see positive changes in their body but lack the direction to make it happen. Power 90 is the ultimate three month program for getting into the best shape of your life. This program is straightforward and geared towards those who aren’t in shape while still being hardcore and worth the time invested. It can be hard for a program to strike a balance between beginner usability and results but Power 90 delivers both beautifully. Power 90 requires only weights or bands in terms of equipment and the workouts are short enough to fit in the course of an average day; Beachbody says Power 90 will take you ‘from power to shower in under an hour’ and it delivers. The moves in this workout range from aerobics to kickboxing and modern yoga and it manages to stay fresh and fun. Faithful Power 90 users will see incredible results from this complete program. That is why this is our top choice for best exercise videos


Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training
This workout is excellent for beginners yet delivers a powerful fat burning workout. The circuit style of this DVD gives users a lot of variety and it is possible to mix and match segments depending on the needs of the user. The workout is fast without sacrificing efficiency. This workout can adapt from the needs of beginners to the demands of intermediate users, making it a solid addition to any exercise library hence why it is in our best workout videos list. The equipment requirements are simple; a mat and free weights are all that’s needed. There are a wide variety of movements in each circuit and the exercises are designed to work together on individual muscles to work them thoroughly in a shorter period of time. The synergistic effect of this approach yields excellent results.


Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has a reputation for kicking it up a notch and providing the best workout videos which is part of her charm but off-putting for many users new to exercising; however, this workout is excellent for all fitness levels. It has many of the features beginners enjoy. The workouts are shorter than the average fitness DVD yet still yield unbelievable results; the movements are not easy but are quite doable for all fitness levels and this program provides room to grow. Users start out at Level 1; Level 1 either lasts a week or until the user is ready for Level 2. The same applies to Levels 2, 3 and 4. Level 4 is an advanced level but is doable thanks to the modifications provided. Users are invited to download and follow the free meal plans that go with the workout which helps individuals focus not only on the fitness aspect of weight loss but the dietary side as well. This DVD has a wide variety of different movements that are designed to keep things moving and fun; no stagnation or boredom here because no movement is ever repeated from one level to another.


Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System

These dance based workouts are all the rage and for good reason too; concealed under the music and dancing is a hardcore cardio workout designed to make users sweat and shed inches. The equipment used in the workout DVDs are special weighted Zumba maracas but users have successfully substituted weighted gloves for a quieter exercise experience. The beginner level Zumba DVD introduces the moves in an easy to pick up format but also delivers a good cardio workout. From the beginning level users may progress at their own pace. Zumba has a variety of music in the workouts which keeps things new and disguised under all the dancing is actual interval training. Interval training does a number of things for the heart and body. For users looking to put the fun back in exercise, Zumba is definately one of the best workout videos on the market.


10 Minute Solution Target Toning for Beginners

One of the biggest challenges for beginners is fitting an exercise routine into their schedule. The best workout videos take this into consideration. This DVD promises to be a solution with 5 different 10 minute long fitness routines designed to make the most out of every movement. This fitness DVD consists of the following 5 workout routines: Abs, buns, thighs, arms and shoulders and power stretch. Each of these individual segments are made to stand alone or be mixed and matched depending on the time a user has that day. These exercises are designed to be as efficient as possible; no wasted movement. The only equipment required for this workout are hand weights and a mat. This video has truly been developed with the beginner in mind; no modifications needed.


Body By Bethenny with Bethenny Frankel

Yoga has a lot to offer individuals of all fitness levels but it is important to find a program that focuses on strength based moves rather than strictly on flexibility if looking for improved body composition and weight loss. This workout DVD is well balanced and offers modifications of the movements which allows beginners to reap the benefits of a yoga workout from day one. The only equipment needed for this DVD is a mat and hand weights. Users have the option to do the 45 minute yoga portion of the workout or opt for the 55 minute complete workout which includes a bonus strength training segment. The instruction is superb which is absolutely essential for beginners of yoga. Yoga is great for toning and conditioning the entire body since most of the muscles are engaged in varying degrees with each position. This DVD keeps things interesting throughout the entire program and is good for beginning to advanced levels. I consider this one of the best workout videos for yoga


Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home 5 Day Slim Down A Mile Each Morning

The enduring popularity of Leslie Sansone’s walking workouts is a testament to both the effectiveness of her methods and the need for an indoor workout. In essence users “walk” anywhere from 1 to 5 miles a day without setting foot outside and doing this activity daily yields excellent weight loss and conditioning. There are a few options with this workout DVD depending on the amount of time a user has to spend on fitness; a single mile takes about 12-14 minutes making this workout good for even the tightest of schedules. This DVD offers 5 different walking workouts which may be mixed and matched and each has a different walking style. Walking while working the upper body, walking with squats and walking while working the abs make this a full body fitness routine. This is excellent for beginners and a solid addition to a fitness DVD library, especially if time is a concern. Definately one of the best workout videos for walking.


The Biggest Loser Workout Weight Loss Yoga

The Biggest loser videos are some of the best workout videos on the market, this yoga dvd is no different. Yoga is no longer a secret of the fitness elite; however, many view yoga as something unapproachable for the modern, mainstream exerciser. If you’re one of those people who view yoga as an art for the mystic let The Biggest Loser take some of the mystery out of this fitness style. This DVD is so popular because it takes two very popular things, The Biggest Loser and Yoga, and pairs them together with a focus on explosive fat burning. There are different yoga styles and not all of them have the same fat burning potential; every move in this workout was selected for weight loss. The interactive menus also make this title popular; if you ever want to know more about a movement hit the Enter button on the DVD remote. A special in-depth explanation will then appear on the screen. With this DVD it’s impossible to get lost and easy to enjoy the timeless fitness yoga has to offer. Because of the 3 difficulty levels this workout will grow with users making it a good investment for the long haul.


The Complete Collection of Sweatin’ to the Oldies

In a marketplace full of workout systems and DVDs that take themselves too seriously is there a place for a fitness routine as fun and unabashedly quirky as Sweatin’ to the Oldies? Individual opinions may vary but there is no arguing with the fact that these workouts are still top sellers today with tons of happy and satisfied users. These workouts feel more like a dance party than a workout yet still get the blood flowing and the heart pumping which is exactly what a beginner needs. The songs in this collection are all well known classics and the DVD is very forgiving; just get up and move! This workout DVD is a lot of fun and it tends to sneak up on users; it’s only when you’re sore the next day that you realize just how hard the workout really was. No equipment is needed for this workout. This collection is a favorite among those who hate cardio or working out altogether. This collection is the best workout videos for the older crowd.


Denise Austin: Mat Workout Based on the Work of J.H. Pilates

A common misconception among beginning exercisers is that they need a tough workout to kick them into shape; the opposite is most often the case the best workout videos are the ones people will actually do. Beginners need a workout they can actually do in order to reach their fitness goals. Pilates can be a perfect workout for beginners offering fat burning, muscle building, body toning, improved flexibility and injury prevention all in one workout and all at the same time. Not all pilates routines are created equal and Denise Austin has really outdone herself on this one. The movements are excellent, the instruction is clear and the results are superb. Denise herself provides calm instruction that is easy to follow. The workout has modifications for beginners which gives users room to grow as their fitness and flexibility increase. The workout is divided into two twenty minute sections making it easily fit into a busy schedule.
We hope you enjoyed our top 10 best workout videos. Please check out all our reviews for your home fitness needs and after you purchase come back and tell the world what you think by leaving your own review.