Bethenny Frankel Body By Bethenny Skinny Girl Exercise DVD Review

Bethenny Frankel’s Body by Bethenny workout d.v.d. is a complete body workout capable of engaging beginners through intermediate in a yoga based hour of fun exercise instructed by Kristin McGee. Of course Bethenny performs the workout alongside Kristin McGee adding her trademark dry humor and comments to the moves which add to the likability of this d.v.d. Kristin McGee is a very accomplished yoga and pilates instructor and seems to have perfected her ability to explain each move with ease and confidence even to those brand new to yoga exercise workouts.

The first forty minutes are yoga based moves explained very readily each step of the way by Kristin. Bethenny will keep the workout light with her own brash ways of explaining where things go! A great feature is that words pop up on screen to explain exactly what the benefits are of each move that you are performing. The body parts most benefited by the first section of the Body by Bethenny workout are thighs, butt, lower abs, shoulders and arms.

The second part of the Body by Bethenny workout is a ten minute strength training session with some light weights and an exercise mat. It is intense but perhaps a little too short and may need repeated two or three times to really reap the benefits of core strength training. It is broken up in parts which can be performed all together in one time frame or broken up throughout the day if time necessitates. At this point of the workout all muscles are being stretched and strengthened and the heart is pumping it up too but it is a good, relaxed experience unlike having gone to the gym for two hours.

The third part of the Body by Bethenny workout is five minutes of booty blast moves. It is very short but very intense with obvious results. It can basically be performed anywhere with no equipment necessary. This is a great benefit in that if you don’t have time to do the entire workout at home you can finish it wherever you are. The burn from just five minutes of booty blast moves can be felt almost immediately.

There are bonus clips after the workout portion of the d.v.d. There is a cooking light bonus with recipes and tips for healthier eating and there is a special fifteen minute segment for Pilates beginners. A bonus exercise segment for arms and abs is also included on the d.v.d.

The entire workout is performed in a comfortable apartment like setting with cool new-age music playing in the background. It is the perfect blend of humor, solid instruction and inspiration enough to get you off of your but and moving in the comfort of your own home. It is a complete workout capable of producing

amazing results when performed on a regular basis.

Bethenny Frankel is not everybody’s cup of tea but paired with Kristin McGee, she is an absolute delight and inspiration in the workout d.v.d. She makes it quite clear that she understands that not everybody is capable of performing all of the moves in the workout. Together Bethenny and Kristin make simple suggestions and adjustments for participants to be able to enjoy it in its entirety.

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