The Best Home Gym Equipment Reviews

Reading the best home gym equipment reviews is where you want to start if you are thinking of trying out a home gym in the near future. You do not want to go into this without doing the proper research to find the equipment that will work best for you. Everyone has a slightly different situation as far as what they need to get out of the equipment, how much space they have in their home, and how much money they are willing to spend. The following home gym equipment reviews will give you a place to start as you search for your next purchase.

The benefits of using a home gym for exercise are nearly endless. You can work out without leaving home, without having a long commute to the gym. You can keep from paying those high fees for a membership. You can also avoid the most frustrating of all situations: Driving to the gym only to find out that all of the equipment is being used by other people.

The home gym reviews that we can provide will tell you everything that you need to know about the home gym equipment that you want. These are very complicated, versatile pieces of equipment, so you will want to know all of the little ways that they stack up when compared to each other. They center around lifting weights, but you will need to know which ones give you the most exercise options, the most levels as far as weight is concerned, and the most comfortable construction for extended use. You will also want to know how much space they take up in your home or apartment in order to find one that can fit.

Our reviews will leave nothing out; you will not find more complete reviews anywhere. We have looked at many of the most popular home gyms on the market today. We can tell you which ones are worth paying for and which ones are not. If you find another home gym that you are interested in, one that we have not yet reviewed, feel free to contact us. We will let you know how soon we can get the review done so that you can know if you should make the purchase or not.

Bodycraft Home Gym Equipment

Bodycraft Home Gym Galena Pro Review

If you’re looking for a home gym and have some extra money to invest, then consider the Galena Pro home gym. Offering 300 pounds of resistance and so many more benefits, the Galena will provide an effective full body workout.
Bodycraft Home Gym K2 Review

A Home Gym including specifications like a horizontal bench press and cable arms that offer fifty plus exercises just on their own, this gym also makes circuit training easily accomplished. The amount of options you’ll have with this Home Gym equipment is amazing.
Bodycraft Home Gym Xpress Pro Review

One of the only gyms built upon delivering fluidity, placing emphasis on using proper techniques, this gym is offers features like the bench press station, a pull bar and curl bar, a 200 pound weight stack, cable station, and much more.

Body Solid Home Gym Equipment

Body Solid EXM 1500S Home Gym Review

For a reasonably priced, entry level gym, you’ll find many pros for this home gym that is the perfect choice for toning up and getting into shape. Even for a machine with so many features, you’ll be amazed at its efficient footprint.
Body Solid EXM 2500 Home Gym Review

Forget taking a trip to the gym every day. This home gym will provide everything you need to get a great workout from home, complete with features to give your body an incredible upper and lower workout.
Body Solid EXM 3000 Home Gym Review

Looking for a gym that can work out two people at once? This one offers that and more, including a multi-press station, high and low pulley station, leg press stations, and even little extras like a workout DVD and workout poster.
Body Solid G4i Iso-Flex Gym

Body Solid has become a well established and known name in home gyms, so it’s no surprise this gym is innovative and effective. If you’re looking for fitness equipment with an edge, this gym has got it.

Bowflex Home Gym Equipment

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review

Few home gyms continue to soar in popularity like the Bowflex Blaze. Providing a number of exercises, this gym has something for everyone, whether you want a longer fitness regimen or are just beginning and need options.
Bowflex PR1000 Review

Never before has achieving fitness at home been easier than it has with the Bowflex PR1000. Once you experience its 210 pounds of resistance and the full body workout it provides, you’ll be amazed that you got it for such an affordable price.
Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Review

Bowflex proves to always deliver, and the PR3000 is built the same quality and experience that you would expect from Bowflex. This is a home gym that’s without hardly any faults, and the best part is it’s extremely well priced.
Bowflex Revolution Review

This home gym is unlike anything else on the market, and you’re sure to find just the right workout between its resistance bands, rods, or weight system. Using technology called SpiraFlex, you’ll understand why it’s called the Revolution.
Bowflex Sport Review

An all in one piece of fitness equipment, you’ll obtain results you would normally only achieve with a personal trainer when using the Bowflex Sport. Relying on mechanical tension instead of weights and pulleys, you’ll enjoy full range of motions with this home gym.

Freeform Home Gym

Freeform Hideaway Home Gym Review

Few home gyms offer such an effective route to gaining muscle mass and burning fat, but with the Hideaway you can easily accomplish this. Better yet, you’ll be achieving these results with one of the best priced home gyms on the market.

Hoist Home Gym Equipment

Hoist V6 Personal Pulley Home Gym Review

Hoist is now known for producing some of the best fitness equipment ever, and you’ll get the ultimate workout using this home gym’s full range of functional training exercises, focusing on a user defined workout instead of the normal home gyms that guide you.

Keys Fitness Equipment

Keys Fitness Power System 1850

An all in one workout gym including a revolving lateral bar, a straight bar, and 400 pounds of stackable weights. This flexible, space friendly machine is designed to grow with you, following your progression and desired resistance.

Marcy Home Gym Equipment

Marcy Diamond 200lb Stack Home Gym

This home gym is a complete set with much desired options like a butterfly station and abdominal strap for the ultimate ab workout. The gym offers a friendly, low impact workout, an adequate weight system and is available in a neutral color.
Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System review

Buying this home gym is like making an investment, and will pay off. It offers a lifetime warranty and is the a prime example of what a home gym should be, even offering a treadmill, and the desired specifications you’d seek in a home gym.
Marcy Diamond MD2109 Review

Simple assembly, space economical, quiet, and durably are just a few of the qualities of this gym, in addition to basic exercise options you’d desire in a home gym that can be bought for only around $400.00.
Marcy MWM 980 Home Gym Review

If you’re seeking an all in one workout for a great price, you’ll gain the perfect machine for strength training, muscle conditioning, and toning. The need for a spotter are eliminated entirely as you adjust your own resistance level and enjoy versatility.

Nautilus Gym Equipment

Nautilus NS 200X Review

Nautilus delivers another reliable product that will meet almost any fitness need with its strength training routines and helpful accessories that will build strength on individual terms and progress. Available at a great price, this is a perfect gym that puts you in control.

Powerline Home Gym Equipment

Powerline P2X Home Gym

Quite simply, if you need a home gym, consider this one. Whether a professional body builder or beginner, the functional pulley system and presses will surely take care of any need you have for any part of your body.

Powertec Home Gym Equipment

Powertec Home Gym WB-MS10 Workbench Multisystem Review

Offering machine like control and free weight resistance, you can complete a full range of exercises and experience some of the best comfort and low maintenance found in any home gym. With easy assembly and handling up to 500 pounds of weight is the perfect choice for a gym that will grow with your needs.
Powertec Workbench WB-LS10 Review

Over 20 exercises can be performed with this gym, including a leg lift, squat bar, lat machine, press arm, and more, this is a great choice, and although an investment, it’s durable and promises an extremely effective workout with great weight resistance.

Stamina Home Gym Equipment

Stamina Bio Flex Home Gym

This gym adheres to the concept of achieving fitness with band type resistance in every exercise. A quick snap change system including a cord and bungee resistance, you’ll enjoy using the bungee cords with the resistance exercises versus free weights.
Stamina Bioflex 1700 Home Gym Review

A sturdy home gym offering versatility, comfort, and easy set up, it’s extremely quiet, and you can use features like its beneficial pulley system and offers both upper and lower body exercises. With hardly any complaints, it’s perfect for effective short workouts.
Stamina Viper Home Gym

Including the VG 1500 Leverage Gym, this affordable gym offers bench pressing, arm exercises, 400 pounds of weight of cable pullers and 600 pounds of weight, workout guides, comfort, any many other features equipped with something for everyone.

Titan Home Gym Equipment

Titan T1 Gym Review

Stop making your schedule more active and make time for fitness with this gym, which is professional grade quality and will deliver effective routines for average users, beginners, and even the most seasoned users. From comfort to having the Assisted Exercise Technology System, it offers about 60 exercises suitable for a variety of easiers.

Total Gym Reviews

Total Gym 1100 Review

If you need a budget friendly home gym, look no further. With features like an ergonomic backboard for lengthening and stretching muscles, the machine uses your body for its own resistance. With over 60 exercises available, you’ll never run out of new techniques to try.
Total Gym 1800 Review
A large glide board and easy fold up, this gym offers newer features like abdominal boards, glide boards, and additionally, comfort. Priced very well, it is easy to use from children to adults, making it the perfect choice for families.
Total Gym XLS Review
Built with a 400 pound weight capacity and a squat stand, pulley system, and over 80 exercises available, you’ll easily achieve a full body workout and get extra features like instructional DVDs and a wall chart. The weight capacity makes it a perfect choice for anyone.

Weider Home Gym Equipment

Weider Max Weight System
This weight system is the perfect machine for strength training, allowing you to control resistance up to 240 pounds and a collection of pulleys, cables, and useful swivels which contributes to a great full body workout.
Weider Platinum Weight System
With a digital controlled resistance and a personal training program, you can complete over 75 exercises and incorporates exercises like chest presses, incline bench presses, preacher curls, and curl downs. With up to 340 pounds of resistance, variation is entirely possible.
Weider Total Body Works 5000 Review
Considered one of the most effective and best priced gyms currently available, you’ll be happy once buying it, especially when you see the price tag. Fifty exercises are available and many of the workout options aren’t available in most other home gyms.