Best Indoor Rowing Machines Reviews

If you are looking for the best indoor rowing machines, your search is over. We provide the most comprehensive, helpful rowing machine reviews to be found anywhere on the internet. We have broken down everything that you could want to know about the best indoor rowing machines on the market today, everything from how well they work to what features they provide.

We will even get into the prices and the sizes so that you can pick a machine that fits both your home and your budget. You could search all over the place for this information, but we have brought it all together onto one website.

There are huge benefits to using a rowing machine for exercise First off, if you enjoy outdoor rowing, you simply cannot row all year around in many parts of the country. The snow and ice may block up the rivers and lakes. Even if you live in a warmer area, you cannot just drive down to the lake to row whenever you want. You live a busy life with a very full schedule.

A trip to go out rowing on the water could take all morning, and that may be time that you just cannot spare. A rowing machine gives you the ability to work on your skills whenever you have the chance, for as long or as short of a time period as you want.

Our rowing machine reviews will tell you a number of things about the product that you are thinking about buying. First, it will tell you all of the different features that the machine has to offer. Some of them can count calories, heart rate, distance, and all the rest.

Simpler models may not have as many options. By being able to see everything that the machine has to give, you can pick one that gives you what you want. If you do not care about the calories you burn, for instance, why should you pay extra for a machine that gives you this count?

The review will close by telling you what we thought about the machine. Often, just knowing how large and expensive the machine is will not be enough to tell you whether or not it is comfortable and easy to use. Our reviews can help you find the perfect machine.

Bodycraft Rowing Machines
Bodycraft VR100 Review
If you’re looking for a rowing machine that’s low impact, take a look at what this one has to offer. This durable, easy to use machine is perfect even if you’re not a skilled rower but are looking for a substantial workout.

Concept 2 Rowing Machines
Concept 2 Model D Review
Made by a leader in rowing machines, this machine is used by both experienced rowers and beginners, will give you a great cardio workout, and you’ll enjoy the comfort and quality these indoor rowing machines deliver.
Concept 2 Dynamic Indoor Rower
Check out the machine that professional Olympic rowers train with. Offering a range of leg and arm motions, you’ll even get a great abdominal workout with its optimal resistance levels.
Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine
If you need a rowing machine that allows for great mobility, this is the one. Sitting at the same height as a dining room table, you’ll experience comfort and love its features which include an accurate and technology friendly performance monitor, even including an USB port to connect to your PC or Mac.

First Degree Fitness Indoor Rowing Machines
First Degree Fitness Evolution Series E-316
One of the few rowing machines you’ll ever use where you feel as though you’re actually rowing, this machine is sturdy, stylish, and even has comfortable footplates and handles. First Degree paid attention to the smallest of details with this machine, and it makes your rowing experience incredibly enjoyable.

Kettler Rowing Machines
Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine
A commercial grade machine with an affordable price tag, this German engineered rowing machine has features normally only found on commercial equipment. The Coach M’s resistance levels grow with you in intensity, offering a perfect workout.
Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Review
A leader in fitness equipment, Kettler once again achieved greatness with this machine, using a hydraulic cylinder in place of traditional rowing resistance technology. This equates to an optimized all over body workout that is smooth and steady.
Kettler Rowing Machine Review Kadett
The realistic rowing simulation on this machine is unlike any you’ll ever experience. It’s durable frame, ergonomic seat, and helpful training computer will contribute to a workout unlike any you’ve ever had.

Lifecore Rowing Machines
Lifecore R88 Indoor Rowing Machine Review
If you’re looking for a versatile machine that will give you a great cardio workout and build muscle, this is your best bet. The machine is easy to use, has fluid like movements, and best of all, is a good choice for almost anyone.
Lifecore R99 Rowing Machine Review
If you need affordability and a quality workout, the LifeCore R99 will give you all this and more. Its magnetic resistance is quiet, effective, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a machine that offers what this one does for such an economical price.
Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine Review
This machine has been compared to some of the best indoor rowing machines ever made, and you’ll know it as soon as you see its top of the line performance monitor and sturdy build. Its magnetic resistance levels are spaced perfectly, allowing you to move upwards as you grow stronger and gain stamina from this incredibly durable machine.

Lifespan Rowing Machines
Lifespan RW100 Rowing Machine
If you’re looking for a rowing machine to strengthen every part of your body, look no further. You won’t hear this machine but you’ll see the results from its strong 16.5 flywheel. Folding down to 64 inches in height, it’s perfect for storing as well.

Phoenix Rowing Machines
Phoenix Rowing Machine 98900 Review
The magnetic resistance the Phoenix uses will deliver a realistic feeling of rowing, and you’ll be able to buy it for only around $500. Not often will you find quality indoor rowing machines at this price, especially one that also has extremely fair resistance levels and convenient features like casters for storage.

ProRower Rowers from H20 Fitness
ProRower H20 Rowing Machine 750
Using an innovative Hydro-Power drive system, you’ll be able to achieve full dynamic movements and you’ll love that the drive system automatically provides just the right amount of resistance you need, delivering one of the best upper body workouts you’ll ever have.
ProRower Water Rower H20 RX-950
You’ll actually look forward to working out if you have this machine. This water rower combines efficiency and safety, including features like sealed bearings on the sliding chair. The strong metal footplates are comfortable and you’ll be able to have a complete workout without any annoying interruptions.

Proteus Rowing Machine
Proteus PAR-5500 Indoor Rowing Machines
Using a hybrid air and magnetic resistance system, this solid machine made from commercial aluminum screams durability, and you can conveniently make changes to the pre-programmed workouts to suit your needs as you become stronger and gain endurance.

Stamina Rowing Machines
Stamina 1050 Body Trac Glider
Available at an affordable price, you’ll get nothing less than a rigorous workout at one of the best prices you can find for a rowing machine. Its low impact workout is made easy with comfortable handle bars and a comfortable seat, complete with a multi-function fitness monitor to keep you informed.
Stamina 1205 Rowing Machine Review
This rowing machine has adjustable weights, making it perfect for beginners while also allowing experienced rowers to add weight and gain a maximized workout. Extremely affordable and durable, the deluxe ball bearing system and easy assembly make this machine a top contender.
Stamina 1215 Orbital Rower Review
One of the most affordable indoor rowing machines you’ll find, it includes great features like a single button performance monitor, adjustable tension controls, and a smooth hydraulic resistance system that makes that allows you to move with ease and achieve your goals without any trouble.
Stamina 1405 Rowing Machine Review
An air resistance rowing machine made with steel and chrome, it uses wind resistance for its power and is the perfect choice if you need a machine you can easily store away when it’s not in use, folding and rolling away easily into storage.
Stamina Recumbent Rower 15-9003
An exercise machine that is both a rowing machine and a recumbent bike, this machine offers its users choices and results. With eight resistance levels, a magnetic resistance system, and a multi-function LCD display, you won’t be able to stop coming back for more.

Tunturi Indoor Rowing Machines
Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine Review
Sometimes described as the rowing machine of all time, if you’re willing to make a substantial investment in it, you’ll experience the resistance every rower is looking for in a machine. This 100 pound indoor rowing machines is ready-made for dedication and people who are serious about fitness.
Tunturi R710 Rowing Machine
You’ll find beginners and experienced athletes on this machine, using its strong resistance levels to the fullest. This machine was built with ergonomics being one of its main goals, so it succeeds by keeping you on the machine for a good amount of time. Accessible for many, its pivoting foot plates and extra large seat contribute to the comfort of this machine. One of the best indoor rowing machines.

York Rowing Machines
York R510 Rowing Machine
Offering variety in its resistance levels, this machine relies on magnetic resistance to give users an optimal workout. Its magnetic resistance allows for steady placement, making it especially perfect for more experienced users. It makes achieving an all over body workout a breeze, and excels at toning and defining your upper body.
York R700 Rower
Also known as York’s “Platinum Machine”, you’ll see why once you experience the great design that expertly uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance which contribute to smooth pulls. The magnet braking and dual air action further contribute to its fluid motions, and it offers eight resistance levels that anyone can appreciate.

WaterRower Rowing Machines
WaterRower M1 HiRise
Blending smooth motions with toning mechanisms, you’ll find just enough resistance to challenge you on a cardio level but also give you tools for toning. Built with a water flywheel and designed with the dynamics of how a boat actually moves through water, you’ll also experience relaxation as you hear the two paddles working inside its enclosed water tank. WaterRower builds incredible indoor rowing machines.
WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
Excelling in design and function, this machine has a wooden construction and is one of the most physically attractive pieces of exercise equipment ever made. It makes great use of its water drum, which acts as a water resistance mechanism designed to give you a fluid and yet intense workout. This machine will give you back everything you put into it, relying on your power instead of a set resistance level.
WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine Review
WaterRower again uses their successful WaterFlywheel technology, giving you a quiet, relaxing workout on a space friendly rowing machine. Equipped with a sprag clutch and constructed of wood, you won’t experience any vibrations and will enjoy the six button monitor that allow for programming features with “Quick Selection Buttons”.

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed our the reviews of these indoor rowing machines. It is our goal at FGR to provide the best, most accurate exercise equipment reviews on the interntet.

The purchase of a home rowing machine can be a rather expensive one. There are many factors to take in to consideration before puchase. Some things to think about are how much room do you have, do you need the machine to do different styles of workouts? What style, do you want a water rower, air resistance, magnetic resistance?

Take your time reading these indoor rowing machine reviews and please feel free to contact us with any questions.