ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series Rowing Machine

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It actually is possible to look forward to a workout, especially if you have a piece of fitness equipment that you love working out on. If you buy a ProRower H20 RX-950, you’ll find yourself enjoying your workouts and getting everything you need from a piece of home fitness equipment. Many people spend so much time coming up with a workout regimen that includes a combination of several things, but with this rowing machine, it’s extremely easy to get all aspects of your fitness needs fulfilled.

This water rower is great, first and foremost, because of the durability and reliability that you’ll know as soon as you either sit on it or lay your eyes on it. Constructed of all metal, it just even looks like a piece of reliable fitness equipment that will be able to handle many different kinds of users and still keep on going for years to come, even after miles and miles have been rowed away. When you’re buying fitness equipment, you want to know that the machine has the ability to hold your weight when you’re on it, and this one’s design and construction promise you just that. It is important to remember though that it is quite heavy, so you’ll want to make sure you know exactly where you want it before buying it.

Additionally, this rower went above and beyond for a user’s safety. Not only did they build a durable, strong machine that will hold up after the longest workouts or after heavy users, it also has a lot of safety features. Even in design alone, this water rower has little details such as sealed bearings being used on the sliding chair, which add to its safety.

The footrest is also worth noting. Constructed of a strong metal plate attached to two adjustable foot straps, the footrest is comfortable and you also won’t have a hard time keeping your feet in the straps. It’s certainly a much better choice than the many plastic foot rests that found on so many other rowing machines. Additionally, the twin rails for the sliding seat allow the seat to remain incredibly steady, and you never get the feeling that you’re wobbly or off center. The T bar is a bit large, although comfortable, but if ProRower wants to improve on this water rower, they could make its handle a little wider and the covering a little softer.

Perhaps most importantly, this water rower really does successfully emulate the feeling of rowing in water. If you want a rowing machine that will give you a workout that’s closet to rowing in water, then this would be the one. The water resistance not only helps your exercise effectively, providing great resistance that will build you up no time at all, but it’s also just another thing that allows for fluid like rowing movements.

The display panel on this rower is super sized, and will inform you of all the essential numbers you need during working out. All of your data remains logged in so you can simply go back through it for reference if you decide to do something like create a workout that will challenge an old one you did. The computer keeps your time on the bike, calories burned, distance gone, strokes per minute, and even your heart rate, so there’s

no need to have to use a separate heart monitor like you do with many rowing machines. It is pretty basic, and you can also use a Polar T31 Chest transmitter with it if you wanted to. Additionally, if you ever wanted to move the display monitor upwards, then all you have to do is break apart the bolts that hold it on and simply move it up.

This water rower is also incredible when it comes to maintenance, mainly because it hardly requires any! The polycarbonate water tank’s two halves are bolted to each other and there is a rubber seal that encircles them on the outside. It seems as though you can take these and the internal components off if you needed to do so for any kind of service, help to make this water rower reliable, convenient and efficient.

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