WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine in Cherry with S4 Monitor

Finding a good rowing machine can be a workout in itself, so save some time by going straight for the good ones. If you have a small budget in mind, do yourself the favor and wait a little longer until you can afford more or simply make a little more of an investment if you can immediately. It will be absolutely worth it, because if you buy a cheap rowing machine just for its cost, you’ll end up disappointed. If you’re ready to buy a serious rowing machine and make a worthy investment, buy the WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine, and you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

WaterRower rowing machines have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to manufacturing a rowing machine that actually works and that actually has a authentic feeling of real rowing motions. All of the WaterRower machines are made with WaterFlywheel Technology, and this design will allow you to have one of the smoothest, easiest rowing workouts you’ll ever have. The technology was literally designed to feel mimic the dynamics of a boat as it would move through water.

This rowing machine isn’t only appealing because of its smooth workout, but it’s also aesthetically appealing. With a Cherrywood finish, WaterRower somehow made it possible for a piece of exercise equipment to be attractive. It’s also great because it’s so quiet, and there’s that absence of those annoying metal clinking sounds that you hear with other rowers. This one is quiet and all you’ll hear is the sound of running water, and it easily qualifies as the quietest rowing machine ever made.

The only drawback to the beautiful Cherry finish is that it’s recommended you keep it in a darker room, which cuts down on where you can place it, as the color will become darker the more it’s exposed to sunlight. Measuring in with dimensions of 83x21x19, you’ll find the machine is also space friendly. All you have to do is lift one end of the machine and it will be in an upright position ready to store, taking up about as much space as a dining room table. The whole piece of machinery is light, and the whole design of the machine makes lifting it super easy.

The appearance isn’t the only attractive thing about this Rower though. The sprag clutch used in the Waterflywheel design begins working as soon as you pull the handle to get the machine going, and the wooden frame of the machine prevents the entire machine from vibrating underneath you, so there is another benefit to the wood construction.

The wood construction actually lends itself to the entire workout. Whenever you make rowing movements they feel very fluid and feel similar to what real rowing feels like, and the only thing that can stand in the way of your workout is you, because the greater the drag (which refers to the effect of drag as a boat moves through water) and the faster you row, the Water Rower’s precision sprag clutch will immediately begin working as soon as you pull that handle to start the machine. This also means that there’s no jerk-like strokes in the beginning of rowing as well.

It also has an S4 performance monitor that is absolutely

outstanding in benefits. WaterRower created the monitor so that just the right amount of balance is achieved between the technical aspects needed and being user friendly. The monitor includes six buttons which are referred to as the “Quick Selection” buttons, and there are six windows for programming features. Additionally, you can explore all of the performance monitor’s ins and outs just by using three navigation buttons.
All of the usual feedback is given, such as intensity, stroke rate, zone bar, duration, and distance, including the rowing distance you’ve gone within the amount of time you’ve rowed. The performance monitor is also compatible with the WaterRower Heart Rate Chest Strap and Receiver, and includes the Heart Rate Monitor.

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Yes, this machine is more on the expensive side, usually selling for around $1,200. However, it’s impossible to even begin to tell you how great this machine is, so you’ll just have to try it out for yourself!